Tips on Entering the “Real World”

Posted: September 16, 2010 in SPC 213-002

With more and more people going back to school, the job market is becoming more and more competitive. Because jobs are so scarce and the number of people applying for those jobs is on the rise, it is important to learn how to stick out from the competition. I stumbled upon a great article giving out tips students who are soon to be young professionals. The tips focus on how our younger generation needs to be careful what we put out there on the internet, such as our blogs or social networking sites like Facebook. While they mention sites like Facebook are a good networking tool, it’s important to realize that what we put out there is seen by everyone, even potential employers. As the article says, “Google sees everything.”

The first tip is to “Remember your personal brand and that online doesn’t forget.”  This is a great tip because when looking for a job, everything we say or post on the internet can be considered part of our “personal brand” and that the internet is always there to see what we’re writing. The second tip is “Share what you know professionally.” To me, this means whatever we post we should do so in a professional manner because going back to our personal brand, we should always be presenting ourselves as if it is our job. The third tip is “Engage! Engage! Engage!”  This is encouraging us to always voice our opinion (in a professional way) and share any information we have with other people on social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and even our Speech 213 Blogs. The fourth tip is to “Read, read, read, and subscribe.” They give the example in the article that when someone is giving in an interview and they ask, “What was the last thing you read?” you should be able to give an answer and not “I don’t have time to read.” The fifth and final tip is to “Not be negative.” Employers wouldn’t like to get on our Facebook or Blog and see a bunch of negative things or complaining about school or work because they want to see positivity in the workplace if you were to get hired.

Source : Preparing Students and Young Professionals for the Business World

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  1. John, great recap of the tips we discussed during the InsidePR podcast! When I talk about presenting yourself professionally online, I always tell the story of how I screwed up.

    I was in Beaver Creek for Memorial Day weekend. The boys were at some beer and BBQ festival and the girls hiked all day. When we finished, we showered and met the boys for a drink. So imagine this, we’re hanging out, having fun, we’ve been hiking all day so we’re physically tired, and we’re at altitude so our tolerance isn’t very high. One of my very best friends is in LOVE with Keanu Reeves and we tease her incessantly about it because he’s homosexual and the whole idea of having a celebrity crush is that, if you happen to meet them, you get to do what you want with them without consequence from your significant other.

    So, as is usual, we were teasing her and she and Mr. D had a bet that, if he won, she would have to publicly admit that she can no longer be in love with Keanu. Dumb thing, but huge consequence. And here’s why. I tweeted something silly like, “Mr. D just bet @erinbrumleve that, if she loses, she has to admit Keanu is gay.”

    Well, a new client saw the tweet. And he read it as me being homophobic. I’m the furthest thing from it, but that’s not what he thought when he read that tweet. And we lost the business. The moral of the story: Be really careful about what you put online and what you let your friends put online. Or…don’t drink and tweet.

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